Sign of The Times? …

My latest audiobook title ‘Containment’ deals with a deadly pandemic threatening America … Hmmm … the author swears he started writing this pre-COVID…

When there’s nothing left to lose, there’s no limit to what you’ll risk. 

Jake Parker’s world collapsed with the violent death of his wife during a police-led raid. In the awful aftermath, he hung up his detective’s badge for good. Now ex-military, ex-police, he has embraced a simple civilian life. But when a deadly new disease begins to threaten American lives, Jake is dragged out of his self-imposed retirement. 

When a young family at a remote detention center die from a mysterious illness, Jake is contacted by a government official to launch a covert investigation. An unknown disease has entered the system, causing agonizing death and visible signs of blood pooling beneath the skin, and it seems to be spreading. If Jake can’t get on the ground quickly to eliminate the threat before it becomes an epidemic, countless more innocent lives could be at risk. 

With the help of medical Professor Eliza Mendoza, Jake heads to the border, but what they uncover there is evidence that this devastating disease is man-made and part of a calculated plot aimed right at the heart of government. With powerful forces ranged against him, Jake must use all his ingenuity to bring down the ruthless organization behind the attack. Failure is not an option. 

A pulse-pounding action thriller from a USA Today best-selling author. Fans of David Baldacci, I Am Pilgrim, and Jack Ryan will be gripped.

©2020 Nick Thacker (P)2020 Bookouture


DHL – Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace are more than just words for multinational freight and delivery firm DHL, it’s essential to keep their international operations running efficiently.

Because many DHL Parcel Delivery employees don’t speak English as a first language they needed a clear, articulate and neutral English voice for their eLearning content – which is where I come in. 

Children of Chaos VO

Come to The Dark Side…

Preparing to start production on my first horror title! ‘Children of Chaos’, by award-winning author Greg F. Gifune, is a deeply dark, deeply frightening treatment of Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’, the novel behind the film ‘Apocalypse Now’.

In a torrential downpour, Phil, Jamie and Martin-three teenage boys-encounter a strange and enigmatic man covered in horrible scars who will change their lives, their destinies and the very fate of their souls forever. When their encounter mistakenly leads to murder, they realize this eerie stranger may not have been a man at all, but something much more… Thirty years later the boys-now men-lead tormented lives filled with horrifying memories of the scarred man and what they did all those years ago in the rain. Phil is a struggling writer, divorced, with a daughter and a mounting drinking problem. Jamie is a defrocked priest with depraved secrets and horrible addictions, and Martin, a madman who thinks himself a god, has vanished into a desolate desert region of Mexico and established a feared and violent blood cult. When Martin’s dying mother hires Phil to find her son and bring him home, Phil embarks on a perilous journey that will take him from the seedy streets of Tijuana, to a dangerous and allegedly haunted stretch of Mexican desert road known as The Corridor of Demons. At the end of the road, in an old and previously abandoned church, Martin and his followers wait in the Hell-on-Earth they’ve created deep in the desert. There will be only one chance for redemption, one chance for salvation, and one chance to stop the rise of an antichrist’s bloody quest for demonic power. From the void, came chaos. These are its children.

I may never be the same…

Learn more about Children of Chaos and other titles by Greg F. Gifune HERE

national geographic

I had a Dream …

When I has a kid I had two dreams, actually: NASA and National Geographic. 

So far, the nearest I’ve come to NASA is visiting Kennedy Space Center.

In the meantime, I’ve read and watched EVERYTHING EVER PRODUCED by NatGeo (really).

Imagine my excitement when I was asked to voice a promo for Nat Geo PLUS, their new on-demand film channel.

Right, that’s one dream down…one to go!  Do you think NASA might be looking for voiceover artists?

The Sheikh's VO

You’ve had the First … now the Last … that’s Everything!!

No, I’m not doing Barry White covers…just yet, but, I have been suffering from a bad dose of ‘The Barry Whites’ for a few weeks.

Having finally gotten over it, I’ve just finished the 3rd and final book in Leslie North’s Almasi Shiekhs Series, ‘The Sheikh’s Pregnant Employee’.

Now, with all this ‘Sheikh Shagging’ going on, I suppose it was bound to happen, but, don’t worry – it’s ‘Happy Ever After’ all around!

You can learn about all of Leslie North’s romance titles here:


The Sheikh's VO

Unruly … RULES!!!

‘The Sheikh’s Unruly Lover’, second in Leslie North’s Almasi Sheiks series, is on its way to retail!  These books are great fun, and get better with each installment in the series:

Sheikh Omar Almasi is dark, broody and definitely not the perfect prince charming… but being perfect isn’t sexy and definitely won’t drive you wild (or to mind-blowing ecstasy)!

I hope you’re as breathtakingly excited to read the sultry, steamy next chapter of the Almasi Sheiks as I am to share it with you!

Locations as hot and exotic as the men who inhabit them…

Men as stubborn as they are sexy…

Romance and passion that won’t be ruled!

Join Sheikh Omar Almasi as he tries to tame the American executive driving him wild!

Learn more at:


The Sheikh's VO

Almasi Sheiks Book 1 Release Day Today – HOORAY!

Book one of USA Today best-selling author Leslie North’s Almasi Sheik’s Series, The Sheik’s Contract Fiance, is published on Audible today!

She’s expecting a simple business deal, but he’s expecting much more….

Annabelle works tirelessly for her father’s mining company, despite their rocky relationship. So when he asks her to travel to the Middle East to complete an important business merger, Annabelle sees an opportunity. It’s her chance to prove her worth, but the culture clash proves difficult for the strong-minded American woman. She’s supposed to work closely with the son of the oil company’s CEO, but Annabelle’s not sure what to make of Imaad. He may be gorgeous, but she refuses to be cowed by his good looks or his old-fashioned ways.

Sheikh Imaad is ruthless in his business dealings for the family oil company, but standing up to his traditional father is not as simple. When he learns his father’s full intentions – that the business arrangements include an arranged marriage to the American executive, Imaad wants to refuse. His intended bride is both beautiful and brash, but Imaad has a plan. If he can convince Annabelle to go along with the fake marriage, they might both get what they truly want. Sounds simple, but Imaad soon realizes it won’t be easy to tame a Western woman.

©2017 Relay Publishing (P)2018 Relay Publishing

You can download the book on Audible, HERE

Loving Kalvin VO

Mad about The Boys ….

Which boys? … ‘The Kennedy Boys’

I seem to be on a ‘Romance Roll’ at the moment, I’ve just completed two new Contemporary Romance audiobook  titles – in addition to the three I’ve recently narrated and produced!

Kennedy Boys book four ‘Loving Kalvin’, is a friends-to-lovers second-chance romance from USA Today bestseller Siobhan Davis.

It’s a standalone novel in her ‘Kennedy Boys’ series, with HEA (that’s Happily Ever After, for those ‘In the Know’) and no cliffhanger.