Flags of The World

The Way English is Supposed to Sound…apparently

Flags of The World

Apparently, no one  *thinks* they have an accent, but my dialogue coach friends assure me, everyone does!

My accent, a product of classical vocal training during my childhood in suburban New Jersey and an adult life spent living and working all over The World, is best described as Mid-Atlantic, Trans-Atlantic, International or – my personal favourite –  ‘American but not too American’.

Whatever you hear when you hear me, it’s always given me great pleasure to be invited to provide recordings for English Language Training (ELT). 

I now provide ELT Study Materials for the state education systems in several European countries. The latest is a primary school guide for one of my absolute favourites, Italy – Ciao Bambini !!

This has led me to conclude that, although some may think that I  *have an accent*,  in several European countries, at least,  I am – The Way English is Supposed to Sound … apparently!


Learnin’ at the Speed of Light

Those world-leaders in Hospitality Training Lobster Ink were kind enough to ask me if I’d like to provide LightSpeed eLearning narration for their client Marriott Hotels.

What’s LightSpeed, you ask?

Well, you know when you check into a hotel and the nice person behind the desk says “Of, course!, One moment please”, then goes ‘clicky-clicky-clack-clack’ on their keyboard ? They’re probably using LightSpeed!

So, that’s another one of life’s great mysteries solved …


Kallidus eLearning Solutions

I’m very pleased to have been selected by Kallidus Software to help deliver bespoke Diversity and Inclusion eLearning content for DHL’s global workforce. 

Kallidus is one of the fastest growing UK software companies and is the 4th largest employer in the world.  Their solutions are used by 200+ UK and Global Organisations, including: Banks, Local Governments, NHS Trusts, Retailers and the world’s #1 Pharmacy Supplier. 

Looks like Kallidus is pretty diverse and inclusive, too. You can learn more about about Kallidus  here.