Cyperpunked …

No, I haven’t gone all ‘Neuromancer’, I’ve just narrated an explainer video for Hiscox CyberClear Insurance, which protects businesses against hackers, malware and ransomware attacks.

Now, with the recent plague of high-profile companies ‘punked’ by hackers, you’d think this would be something new.

In fact, Hiscox has been offering Cyber Crime Insurance since 1999 – remember the dreaded ‘millennium bug?

So, if Cyber Crime threats have been ‘bugging’ you (see what I did there?),  you can learn more here:  www.hiscox.co.uk


Heavy Metal …

No, not that kind.  The kind that shouldn’t find its way into an MRI imaging suite!  Why am I writing about this?

I’ve just completed a corporate narration for Metrasens’ Ferroguard Assure Ferrous Metal Detection System (FMDS).

The system guards MRI suites from incursion by potentially dangerous ferrous metals.

Because, although heavy metals and MRIs just don’t mix, it seems Metrasens and I do!  Must be my magnetic personality. Oh, and I got to say “Superior Fluxgate Sensors”, too. How cool is that?!

Learn more about Ferroguard Assure at: www.metrasens.com