The Way English is Supposed to Sound…apparently

Flags of The World

Apparently, no one  *thinks* they have an accent, but my dialogue coach friends assure me, everyone does!

My accent, a product of classical vocal training during my childhood in suburban New Jersey and an adult life spent living and working all over The World, is best described as Mid-Atlantic, Trans-Atlantic, International or – my personal favourite –  ‘American but not too American’.

Whatever you hear when you hear me, it’s always given me great pleasure to be invited to provide recordings for English Language Training (ELT). 

I now provide ELT Study Materials for the state education systems in several European countries. The latest is a primary school guide for one of my absolute favourites, Italy – Ciao Bambini !!

This has led me to conclude that, although some may think that I  *have an accent*,  in several European countries, at least,  I am – The Way English is Supposed to Sound … apparently!