Spotify Audiobook Promos: Into the Light, by Mark Oshiro


When Spotify asked me to help them promote one of their latest audiobook releases, Into the Light, by brilliant YA Fiction author Mark Oshiro, I really couldn’t have been happier – for a number of reasons.

I’ve developed a good working relationship with the folks at Spotify and their recently-formed audio production arm, OrangeSky Audio. 

This has grown out of my also-great relationship with the also-great and awesome folks at Findaway Voices and Findaway Marketplace, recently acquired by Spotify.

I’m a big believer in the old maxim that all business is based on relationships and I’m grateful for the opportunity to form such good working relationships with this diverse group of truly lovely, talented people. So when they contacted me to ask if I’d like to help promote their work – for all the right reasons – I didn’t need think twice!

Into the Light, by Mark Oshiro is available now!