The Speed of Light, by Elizabeth Rosner

The Speed of Light - Cover

Every family has a story. Every story, eventually, must be told.

For most of their lives, Julian Perel and his sister, Paula, lived in a house cast in silence, witnesses to a father struggling with a devastating secret too painful to share. Though their father took his demons to the grave, his past refuses to rest.

Yet both their lives begin to change on a Wednesday, miercoles, the day that sounds like miracles. Before embarking on a European opera tour, Paula asks her housekeeper, Sola, to stay at her place–and to look after Julian in the apartment above. Yet Sola, too, has a story. 

The Speed of Light is a powerful story of three unforgettable souls who overcome the tragedies of the past to reconnect with one another and the world around them. In an extraordinary accomplishment, Elizabeth Rosner has created a novel of love and redemption that proves the pain of the untold story is far greater than even the most difficult truth.

Featuring the voices of Elizabeth Rosner as Paula, Ana Clements as Sola and myself, Craig Van Ness, as Julian, this highly-acclaimed, multiple award-winning novel is now coming to audio for the first time.


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