A Bird in the Hand …

A Bird in the Hand - by Janice Cole Hopkins

… is Coming in January 2022!

June, 1776  – On the eve of the American Revolution, Jocelyn Wright faces a dilemma – accept the unwelcome advances of a British Officer, Captain Nibley – the son of an English Earl favoured by her Loyalist parents – or pursue her budding romance with Bennet Hart, the son of a local Baker who may be her one true love. 

When revolutionary tensions rise and the Captain is billeted at her Parent’s home, Jocelyn is forced to choose sides: join the Patriot cause favoured by her twin brother, Jonas, or submit to her Parents wishes and be wed to the haughty, arrogant Captain Nibley.

Janice Cole Hopkins grew up in rural Wilkes County, North Carolina, with an Appalachian heritage. She graduated from Appalachian State University with degrees in history and reading. After completing her degrees, Janice pursued a career in Education and has since published over 30 novels. 

All the profits from her books go to a scholarship fund for missionary children. A Bird in the Hand is the first book in her forthcoming ‘Idioms and Cliches’ series.

A Bird in the Hand – Idioms and Cliches Book One, is Coming to Audible in February, 2022